Here at Pickett Industries, we value the safety of our employees, our clients, and the community that we work in.  Longevity for any business can only be accomplished by setting high goals and standards. Pickett Industries has created a business model that has the safety of its workers as a core value. In partnership with its customers, Pickett works to protect both the environment and the health and safety of those working on any project by going above and beyond the standards set by OSHA, MSHA and other governmental agencies, to achieve this goal. This goal will not be compromised to save time or money. The goal of each and every project is to be injury and accident free from start to finish. Pickett aims to manage risks within acceptable standards to prevent occupational related injuries and illnesses. Through the training of its workforce and using the best industry practices, Pickett Industries have achieved and outstanding safety record. But it does not stop there. Pickett provides in-house training and annual refresher courses on a wide variety of safety and industry topics. All employees undergo a pre-employment screening for all jobs and are subject to random & post-accident screenings.

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