Pickett has several multi-year contracts here at our plant and other IP facilities. Pickett has an average of 36-40 employees on their contracts here and provides us with quality service at reasonable prices for all of their contracts. Over the years they have been both productive and innovative in their performance of the duties assigned to them and have a proven performance and safety record. The previous dredging contractor before Pickett could not keep up with the waste stream and the ponds were overflowing. Pickett bought a new dredge and after they took over the contract they turned the dredging around in short order, and are still doing a stellar job. Pickett's onsite managers do a really good job of coordinating with the mill. Their corporate office supports the efforts here and the equipment which we require them to keep on site is all in good mechanical shape.

— Pulp and Paper, Contractor Coordinator

Pickett performed dredging and landfill stabilization work at our mill. I found Pickett very competent and wonderful to work with over the whole project. The on-site management was great and kept me informed of all progress as well as any issues. All issues that required downtime were handled quickly and efficiently, and the project was completed on time.

 — Pulp and Paper, EHS Manager

Pickett is an expert contractor in the Pulp & Paper industry. Pickett is the only contractor our mill will be using for landfill and dredging services.

Pulp and Paper- Environmental Manager

On behalf of Pratt Industries, I want to extend our appreciation for services rendered. As you know, on occasions we have process upsets that require quick response and I have found that any time I have needed extra help Pickett has responded quickly and effectively to assist us. I would also say that Pickett has been an advocate of looking "outside the box" and brought ideas to the table to improve the service and also bring things that may be of interest to help both of our companies. Pickett is a reliable and reputable company whom I trust and enjoy working with.

Pulp and Paper- Operations Manager

I came to know Pickett Industries in the year of 2006 while managing at the Mansfield mill. During and after hours the Pickett team made a strong impression that they were here to satisfy all of our needs as a department. I had the pleasure of working with their site manager for 2+ years and all of my area concerns and needs were addressed quickly and professionally.

The Pickett team and I had a close working relationship and we worked through several chronic issues in my area that had direct impact on production. During these times Reed and I would have face to face meetings to address the problem(s) and came up with a resolution for each. Also, at times Reed would come to me with concerns from his employees; and we would sit down and discuss and find a solution.

Pickett during my time did not act as a contractor at the mill, but as one of the many employees' that made the Mansfield mill what it is today. Pickett was part of the team and acted as such. Pickett worked within my monthly budget and communicated weekly the status of work in my area and plans to address concerns. Pickett in my opinion during my time working with Reed and his team the service was unmatched and met all my expectations.

— Pulp and Paper, Finished Products Area Mgr.