Our Services

Heavy civil construction including excavating, grading, site preparation, impoundment closure, road construction, channel construction, pond construction, storm drainage, erosioncontrol measures, and clearing.

Furnishing necessary equipment and operators to maintain landfill operations meeting EPA and Subtitle D requirements.

Collections and (on-site & off-site) disposal of all waste materials including ash, lime, slaker, dregs, and sludge to landfill and/or beneficial reuse.

Black liquor, lime/ash and other sediment ponds and/or tank cleanouts.

Construction of municipal and industrial landfills including closures in accordance with EPA and Subtitle D requirements.

Clam shell, drag bucket, or dredge pumps with cutterheadsdredging services.

Overburden removal and placement of oxidized soil for final cover to reclaim mined areas.

Composting Operation

Beneficially reusing ash/ sludge from industrial facilities as a compost material used as final cover and a soil amendment.

Sludge Management and Land Application

Removal of sludge and land application for agricultural and forestry beneficial use.

Vegetation Reclamation

Seeding and mulching, erosion control services, tree planting, bushhoggingand chemical spraying for mining and Industrial accounts.

Beneficial reuse of industrial solid waste for compost material, construction material, and stabilization/ solidification enhancements.

Construction of wetlands including levee construction, interior islands construction, muck excavation and vegetation.

Contractor Value Added Services

Management experience capable of providing long term value to customers’bottom line cost by implementing improvements in systems/ processes/ waste streams reductions/ beneficial reuse of waste streams.