General Information
Pickett Industries, established in 1947, by Doyle R. Pickett, Founder

Pickett Industries was established in 1947
by Doyle R. Pickett, Founder

Banking - Our lead bank is Red River Bank
Contact: Jim Waugh, Senior Vice President 318-675-2906

Insurance - Our insurance is carried by Boucher and Slack Insurance Company
Contact: David Gray, President 318-539-3541

Bonding - Our bonding company is Smith-Manus Surety Bonds
Contact: Jason Cromwell, Sr. Account Executive 502-636-9191

Safety - Pickett prides itself as a drug free environment, requiring all new employees to submit to pre-employment screening. Relative to job scope, Pickett requires daily or weekly safety meetings.

NameContact Information
Phone: (318) 549-1928 x13
Mobile: (318) 458-7534
Phone: (318) 539-4900
Mobile: (318) 469-9404
Phone: (318) 549-1928 x16
Mobile: (318) 458-7540